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County of Solano Sr. Management Analyst and Public Communications Officer 
Matthew Davis, MA, MPA
675 Texas St., Suite 6500
Fairfield, CA 94533
Phone: (707) 784-6111
Fax: (707) 784-7975
County Recorder begins issuing vital records again
November 24, 2015  SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Assessor Recorders Office announced today that it has received its first shipment of Bank Note paper and has resumed issuing birth, death and marriage certificates to the public.


County reaches a late night tentative agreement with SEIU after 10-hour mediation session with State mediator
November 20, 2015  SOLANO COUNTY – County officials and the SEIU Local 1021 negotiating teams met with the California state appointed mediator today in an effort to reach a deal for a successor labor contract, and those efforts have been successful. After a lengthy process, the parties have reached a tentative agreement.

Solano County reaches deal with Public Employees Union, Local One - bargaining unit 16
November 18, 2015  SOLANO COUNTY – The Public Employees Union, Local One, bargaining Unit 16, representing more than 90 mid-management employees within Solano County, voted to ratify the tentative agreement reached with Solano County late last week.

County is encouraged that SEIU Local 1021 will meet in labor mediation session later this week
November 17, 2015  SOLANO COUNTY – Solano County invited SEIU, Local 1021, in March 2015 to begin the formal negotiation process, which was six months before the contract was set to expire in late September. The union did not come to the table until August. Since that time, Solano County has engaged in 21 formal negotiation sessions with SEIU, Local 1021 spanning over four months, two informal meetings and three requests to engage in mediation.

The County and SEIU negotiations go late into the evening but do not result in labor agreement
November 13, 2015  SOLANO COUNTY – Solano County declared impasse in its negotiations with SEIU Local 1021 late Thursday night, November 12, stating "future discussions would be futile." The County was forced to go this route after a long process wherein the parties engaged in 21 formal negotiation sessions spanning over four months and two informal meetings. The County made three requests to engage in mediation, which the Union rejected.