The Sheriff's Office is allowed by law to charge fees to serve civil process and enforce money judgments. All persons, including public entities (excluding the Department of Child Support Services), must pay the specified fees upon opening a file with our office. Fees and additional cost deposits are listed in the sections for each type of service and enforcement action. In addition to the Sheriff's fees, a requester opening a file with our office may be required to deposit in advance additional money to cover Sheriff's costs. These costs may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Towing and storage of a vehicle
  • Inventory, removal, storage and presentation for sale of personal property
  • Notary services
  • Publishing public notice in a newspaper
  • Recording documents of title
  • Locksmith

At the conclusion of a civil action, unused fee and cost deposits are refunded. All Sheriff's fees and costs are automatically added to the enforcement action and increase the amount the debtor must pay to fully satisfy the money judgment.

The Sheriff's Office is entitled to fees whether or not the service is completed. We cannot guarantee that our service will always be successful (CA Govt. Code § 26736 & 26738). All fees will be paid prior to performing any service (CA Govt. Code § 6103.2).

Fee Waivers and Sheriff's Costs

The Solano County Sheriff's Office will serve any process or enforcement action with a valid "Fee Waiver" ordered by the court that specifically waives Sheriff's fees. For example, with a valid "Fee Waiver," the Sheriff will serve a "Summons and Petition" without the requester depositing the Sheriff's service fee.

However, the requester should be aware that a "Fee Waiver" order from the court waives the Sheriff's fees but not the Sheriff's costs. For example, a person requesting an auto levy with our office towards satisfying a civil judgment and having a valid "Fee Waiver" would not have to provide the Sheriff's fee for performing the levy but must provide a deposit to cover the Sheriff's cost to tow and store the vehicle prior to sale. Furthermore, additional deposits may be required to store the vehicle due to delays in the sale caused by pending court actions.



Summons & Complaint (Per Person)-$35.00

Summons & Complaint/Unlawful Detainer (Per Person)-$35.00

Prejudgment Claim of Right (with S/C UD)-$35.00

Writ of Possession for Real Property (Evictions)-$75.00

Reposting Writ of Possession for Real Property (Eviction)-$35.00

Order of Examination (Per Person)-$35.00

Claim of Plaintiff & Order (Per Person)-$35.00

Claim of Defendant (Per Person)-$35.00

Summons and Petition (Per Person)-$35.00

Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum (Per Person)-$35.00

Order to Show Cause(Per Person-No charge for Domestic Violence TRO or some Civil Harrassment TRO)-$35.00

Temporary Restraining Order (Per Person)-$35.00

Notice to Quit (Per Person)-$35.00

Miscellaneous Orders (Per Person)-$35.00

Military Affidavit-$35.00

Bench Warrant-$50.00

Bench Warrant(CCP 1993)-$120.00

Execution EWO & EWO For Support-$30.00

Execution Bank Levy-$35.00

Execution Third Party Levy-$35.00

Execution Book Levy-$35.00

Automobile Levy-$1,500.00

Till Tap-$85.00

Keeper 8 Hour-$225.00

Keeper 48 Hour - ($115.00 Sheriff fee plus additional fees) - $ Varies 

Writ of Possession (Claim and Delivery)- $500.00

Real Property (Levy and Sale)- Varies

Personal Property Sale-Contact Office at (707) 784-7020

Writ of Attachment-Contact Office at (707) 784-7020

Note: The cancellation fee of any service before completion is $35.00 (Government Code 26736).