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Family Planning (Birth Control, Contraception)
         La Leche League International: Update on Family Planning


    24 Hour Cribside Assistance: 
    Dads + Baby L. A. Publishing  
    Fathers Can Support breastfeeding 
    La Leche League International – Fathers and Breastfeeding 
    Texas WIC Class for Prospective Fathers - Men and Breastfeeding 
    Information for partners (Australia) 
    What can Dad Do? (English)  ¿Qué puede hacer papá? (Spanish
    World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA): Men’s Initiative     

    What can fathers do with their babies?  Exercise!

    Videos: Breastfeeding: What's a Dad Supposed to Do?(2008) 14 Min – 
               Eagle Video Production, Inc. 

Formula Preparation

        Guidelines for the safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula 

Frenulum pictures and assessment: (also see "Tongue Tie")

        Brian Palmer DDS:         
        Tongue Tie:
Morphogenesis, Impact, Assessment and Treatment

Assessment of posterior tongue tie
            Glove demonstration of the frenotomy
            Tongue tie release

Frequency of Breastfeeding
Volume and Frequency of Breastfeedings and Fat Content of Breast Milk Throughout the Day 
            Pediatrics Vol. 117 No. 3 March 1, 2006 pp. e387 -e395 (doi: 10.1542/peds.2005-1417) 
      See American Academy of Pediatrics Section on  Breastfeeding: 
      See Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocols: 

Galactogogues :

     Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol:  
     Examples of non-prescription Galatogogues (mom should still discuss with Health Care Provider):
     Food as Galactogogues:
            New Beginnings - La Leche League International: Boost Your Milk With Fruit  
            Which foods can boost your milk supply?  
     (Also see "Herbs")

Gastric Bypass Surgery
    Update to the Breastfeeding Answer Book:       
    Patient handout on Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Clinical Lactation Journal Article: Breastfeeding after Weight Loss Surgery


         How Grandparents Can Help: 


         Grandmother's Tea:
                Full activty plan to provide grandmothers a fun way to learn why and how to help 
                        their grandbabies' mother breastfeed.

Gromada,Karen : Twins information



Haberman Feeder: to be used for babies with difficulty feeding - cleft palate, low tone, etc.

Hale, Thomas PhD  -
Medications and Mothers’ Milk

Infant Risk Center: 

Hale Publishing:

Hand Expression
     Stanford Medical Center Videos
        Hand Expression for preemies 

        Maximizing milk production with hands on pumping pumping production
     Hand expression (UK):

Jane Morton Resources:  
Hand Expression:  
Hands on Pumping:  
    Bilingual materials (English-Spanish): 
Hands On Pumping  
Hand Expression


        Baby-Friendly Parent Information Sheet (UK):  

        California Department of Public Health:         

California WIC:         
            Guide to Breastfeeding: (
English) (Spanish)
        Common Sense Breastfeeding:

        Lactation Education Resources:  

        Philadelphia handouts: 
                My Breastfeeding Plan and other handouts in many languages

        Solano County Handouts:    
            Word documents are large, may take 2 minutes to download - but you can edit them.  
            PDF documents are quicker to download, but you cannot edit them.

    • Breastfed Babies Grow at Their Own Pace - English (Word)   (PDF)  Spanish (Word)  (PDF)
    • Breastfeeding REDUCES Stress - English (Word) (PDF)  Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Breastfed Babies Travel Easily - (English) (Word) (PDF)     Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Doctor's Day 4-Fold Card - Word
    • Father's Day Card - (English) (Word) (PDF)     Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Gift Boxes - English (Word)  (PDF)   Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Look At Your Baby: Breastfeeding is More Than Eating (English) (Word) (PDF)  Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Moving and Eating - English (Word)  (PDF)  Spanish (Word)  (PDF)
    • Thanksgiving Day Card - (English) (Word) (PDF)     Spanish (Word) (PDF)
    • Valentine's Day Card - (English) (Word) (PDF)     Spanish (Word) (PDF)               

        Texas Department of Public Health: English      Spanish  

                US Department of Health: 
English    African American      Spanish

        Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Tear Sheet Toolkit

Health-e Learning (Internet lactation education)

Health Care Provider's Pocket Guide (New York):

Healthy People 2020 
Breastfeeding Objectives

Hepatitis B and C and Breastfeeding
        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:    

: (Also see "Galactagogues")

        Dr. Tieraona LowDog:

        Mechell Turner;


        Galactic Herbal: 

Homeopathic Physician & IBCLC

     Birth and Beyond Califordian Hospital Breastfeeding Quality Improvement Project:
         Presentations for: 1) Hospital administrators, 2) Quality Improvement, 3) Staff training

       Hospital Administrator Training: (to meet the requirements of SB22) 

   Hospital Policies 
     California Model Hospital Policy #1: Hospitals should promote and support breastfeeding.
      Baby Friendly Hospital Policy #1:
            Have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all health care staff
      Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Sample Hospital Policy (2010):

       American Academy of Pediatrics Sample Hospital Policy:

Hospital Infant Feeding Act:
California Health & Safety Code §123366
    Resources and information to meet the requirements: (go to CA Dept. of Public Health Webpage)
Human Milk Banking Association of North America





     Hathor the CowGoddess

        Humor, Health & Hugs.   Carol Schlef, RNC, MSW, IBCLC, LCCE 


 Hypotonia: Babies with low tone who may have difficulty with breastfeeding
        Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol #16 
Breastfeeding the Hypotonic Infant


Illness – CDC Recommendations related to Breastfeeding and Illness: 

        (Also see  "Medications" in this Index)

    Dr. Hale: Taking Cold Medicines while Breastfeeding:

Induced Lactation (See "Adoption" and "Relactation")
        Four Friends (Adoptive Breastfeeding Website):       

Infant feeding in Emergencies

Infant Feeding Policy for Hospitals
    Resources and information to meet the requirements of the 
    California Health & Safety Code §123366 (
Hospital Infant Feeding Act)
Infant Risk Center (Hale) :

Insufficient Glandular Tissue
      Supporting mothers with mammary hypoplasia: 
International Baby Food Action Network

International Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes (UK Resources)

International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)
    Lactation Matters (ILCA Blog):  

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

Inverted Nipples - See "Nipples, Inverted" 


Phototherapy to Prevent Severe Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn Infant 35 or More Weeks of Gestation
        Bilitool according to AAP Guidelines:

The Joint Commission Urges Mothers to "
Speak Up" in hospitals – posters and handouts in English and Spanish
        The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 19,000 health care organizations [hospitals] 
            and programs in the United States:


Breastfeeeding Medicine (Journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine)

    International Breastfeeding Journal:

    Journal of Clinical Lactation         
        Free access

    Journal of Human Lactation
        Free access to ILCA members through:

    Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

    The Journal of Pediatrics  (from Mosby)


Kangaroo Mother Care

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett:

Katherine Dettwyler, PhD   Thoughts on Breastfeeding

Kelly Mom:



LactAid at-breast supplementor:

Lactation Matters (ILCA Blog):  

Laid Back Breastfeeding (also see
Biological Nurturing)
    La Leche League International Handout 

LaLeche League International (LLLI)

LLL Northern CA & HI;

Lactation Accommodation Law: (also see "Working Mothers") 
            California Labor Code Section 1030-1033     
Minimum requirements in California:  
            Filing a complaint:
Lactation Education Consultants: 
Lactnet Archives:                   To subscribe: send an email to LACTNET@COMMUNITY.LSOFT.COM         Place “subscribe Lactnet” in the subject line

Lactivist, Lactation Activist –


Late Pretern Infant Feeding guidelines - UCSD
Laws Related to Breastfeeding 
California Laws related to breastfeeding 
California Women's Law Center
            Breastfeeding Works

          Federal Law related to breastfeeding: Workplace Support Laws

             List of state-by-state laws impacting lactating employees. 

          National Conference of State Legislatures - Breastfeeding Laws

          Six Key Laws For Parents: (English) (Spanish)
          US Breastfeeding Committee -
Legislation and Policy  

Love, Susan MD (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation)  (search breast-feeding)

LowDog, Dr. Tiranna : 
        The use of Botanicals During Pregnancy and Lactation

Low Milk supply
          See "Insufficient Glandular Tissue"

        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Connection to Insufficient Milk Supply?

        Delayed Lactogenesis II Secondary to Gestational Ovarian Theca Lutein Cysts             
            J Hum Lact 2002; 18:3 264-268 

        The Risk of Invalidating the mom who says she has no breast milk    
        See "Herbs" and "


 M&B-A : (herbal galactogogue)

 March of Dimes Feeding your Baby:

 March of Dimes Spanish:

    Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol 4:
        Mastitis (revised 2014)
    American Family Physician: 
        Management of Mastitis in Breastfeeding Women

 Medela :


    California Department of Public Health: Medications and Breastfeeding

    Handout on “Medications and Breastfeeding” 

    Dr. Hale: Taking Cold Medicines while Breastfeeding:

    Infant Risk Center - Texas Tech –

    LactMed – National Library of Medicine -  
        Download iPhone or Android app:

    Medications and Breastfeeding: Current Concepts (2012) Nice, FJ and Luo, AC
            J Am Pharm Assoc. 2012;52:86–94.

    Non-Prescription, over-the-counter medications: Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

    Poster on Radio-contrast materials: 

Medical Spanish :

Medical Spanish for Health Care Providers: Medical Spanish for Health Care Providers 

Mental Health – Maternal Mental Health 

       California Department of Public Health -
Maternal Mental Health and Breastfeeding
       Dr. Kathleen Kentall-Tackett: 
            Evidence-based, With Attitude - 

MRSA: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 
    MRSA Information:  
    “It appears that colonization from mother to child due to close contact may be as prevalent 
    as transmission via the mother’s milk. Until more is known about the transmission of MSSA 
    and MRSA, there is no substantive reason to withhold breastmilk from mothers who are 
    carriers of MSSA or MRSA. 
Michels, Dia L.    Platypus Media -- Books for Families, Teachers and Parenting  Professionals

Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)

MIHA (California Maternal Infant Health Assessment Survey)

Military – Mothers in the Military:          
        Breastfeeding in Combat Boots

Mohrbacher Nancy BLOG: ;

Mother’s Milk Bank Austin Texas:

Mother’s Milk Bank at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA
   To contact for questions and information:

mPINC: Breastfeeding Hospital Data: Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care 

Multiple Birth (Center for the Study of )  



National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy (NABA)  

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition

National Institute of Health (NIH):

National Maternal-Child Health Bureau of US/DHHS

National Women’s Health Information Center

Nipples: Inverted 
    Many mothers are told they have inverted nipples when they are not.
    Here’s a view of really inverted nipples when pressed on either side of the areola:  

    Here’s information from La leche League on the topic, too…  

    Some mothers who truly have inverted nipples can ear a tool such as an Evert-It Nipple Enhancer
         during pregnancy.  As it fills with milk, it is not helpful after delivery. 
    After delivery, excessive fluid in the mother's body may make it appear as if she had inverted nipples.  
        Using Reverse Pressure Softening can make the areola and nipple soft and supple
        so baby can form a nipple. Handout (English) (Spanish

Nipple Plugs and Blebs 
        Nipple Blebs, or “milk blisters” appear on the end of nipples. 
            Tissue covers the pore of the duct and milk gathers behind it.  
       Prevention: optain assistance to assure adequate latch at first sign of nipple pain during breastfeeding 
        Handouts and websites   

        At times, treatment is not effective. Refer physician to the following study: 
            Abstracts from The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine 
            17th Annual International Meeting Chicago, Illinois October 11–14, 2012: 
                    A CASE SERIES (must log-in to view this PDF document)

Nipples (sore) - 
        Summary of treatment for sore nipples (Marsha Walker, Clinical Lactation, 2013)
        Healing sore nipples - webpage:

Nipple pain and color changes - Raynaud's?
        Raynaud's Phenomenon of the Nipple:  American Academy of Pediatrics
        Nipple blanching and Vasospasm

Nipple shields
        Tools at times used to help baby back to the breast after bottle feeding, or assist mother in latching 
            after being assisted and evaluated by an IBCLC:   
              Instructions on how to apply: (English)  (Spanish

Nutrition die the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mother
Choose My Plate\

Nutrition and Physical Activity Program - MCAH California Department of Public Health

Nursing strike -


    Implications of Obesity in Breastfeeding Women

    Obese mothers require close follow-up:

    (See "Gastric Bypass Surgery")

Oral Health Program, California Department of Public Health
Also see: "Cavities, Early Childhood Caries (ECC)"

    Block feeding dos and don'ts 
    Oversupply sydrome
    Overabundant milk supply: an alternative way to intervene by full drainage and block feeding