Prevention and Early Intervention

Current PEI Activities

Following an extensive community planning process, Solano County Mental Health is pleased to release the final version of the PEI Three-Year Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2012-2015. Please click here to view the plan. For questions, or to learn more about PEI or about the Strategic Planning Process, please contact the Solano County MHSA Unit in Mental Health Administration by phone at (707) 784-8320.

Solano County PEI Initiatives

Early Childhood Mental Health
The Partnership for Early Access for Kids (PEAK) provides early identification of infnats and children with special needs to link them with needed services prior to reaching school age.

Early Intervention for School-Age Youth
Provides teacher support and group and individual counseling at school to students at risk of school failure due to social/emotional issues. The program also provides case management to students at risk of juvenile justice involvement.

Supported Education and Employment for Transitional-Age Youth
Provides individualized, enriched education and employment support to youth 18-21 who have experienced or are at risk of a first mental health "break".

Older Adult Identification and Linkage
Trains and supports community members and case managers to identify and link older adults who exhibit signs of early onset of mental illness or are at risk of developing mental illness, to appropriate community resources.

Limited PEI monies are also used to fund:

Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
This is a new strategy in PEI which provides limited-term funding to community health centers in implementing or expanding behavioral services, including screening, assessment, referral, and support groups, in the primary care site.

Early Intervention Wellness Services
Links those at risk of mental illness or in early illness with community resources and peer support with the goal of preventing early mental illness from progressing. This includes learning about mental illness, acquiring skills for coping with the effects of mental illness, succesful fulfillment of constructive roles in the community, and the development of supports. Activities include: support groups, wellness skills development, and peer mentoring.

Statewide PEI
By pooling resources, counties have come together to fund Statewide PEI efforts through the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA). These efforts include:

Regular updates on statewide PEI initiatives are posted on the CalMHSA website. To view these weekly updates, please click here and look under the 'Recent Materials' heading.