Employment & Eligibility Services

I  Application Information
The Employment & Eligibility Services Division administers various federal, state, and local government programs designed to provide health insurance, food assistance, and cash assistance, for eligible low-income Solano County residents. For answers to common questions about assistance with cash, food and medical insurance coverage, click below.
Intake Flyer (English)       Intake Flyer (Tagalog)      Intake Flyer (Spanish)

You can apply for CalWORKs, CalFresh and Medi-Cal online! Visit www.mybenefitscalwin.org to apply!
You can also print out an application, fill it out and take to one of the office to apply.   Click on one of the links below
English Application       Spanish Application      Tagalog Application

II  Medical/Health Insurance Coverage 
Access to quality health care is a fundamental goal of Solano County Health & Social Services. To apply for no-cost or low-cost health insurance, click Medi-Cal or County Medical Services Program (CMSP)

Questions?  Do you have questions regarding all the programs and services that Medi-Cal has to offer?  Click on the link below to help you determine whether you and your family are eligible for services. How a physician can enroll you, how to receive free screening, family planning, even questions regarding pharmacy benefits. Click here for answers to your questions.

Click here to view the   Health Care Reform Flyer

For information about the Affordable Care Act/Health Care Reform, visit www.CoveredCA.com or call 1-800-300-1506 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM, and Saturdays from 8 AM to 6 PM, or visit your local office for in person assistance.

III CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) 
CalFresh  provides low-income individuals and families a way to buy more food, improve nutrition, and stretch their grocery budget. Expedited services may be available to some eligible applicants within three (3) days. Visit your local office to apply, or complete this application and mail or bring it to an officeEnglish    Spanish    Tagalog  You may also complete an online application at mybenefitscalwin.org.

  • Family Planning - Making the Commitment for a Healthy Future

    Farmer's Markets - Stretch your food dollars with healthy food and vegetable purchases at your local Pacific Coast Farmer's Market.  Click on Farmer's Markets for a list of markets in Solano County that accept EBT cards. For details on our Solano County markets visit www.pcfma.org/  

IV Cash
Programs include the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs), Cal Learn, Welfare to Work, and Homeless
Assistance. The General Assistance (GA) program provides short-term cash assistance to adults without children. GA helps recipients find employment, or if disabled, obtain support from another source. 

V Existing CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) and Medi-Cal Clients
Clients with an existing case may contact the Benefits Action Center (BAC) via the telephone rather than wait in line at the local office. To speak with a knowledgeable worker about your case, please call 707-784-3900 or 1-800-400-6001. This line now offers a 24/7 automated information service that may answer your questions without the need to wait for staff assistance. For answers to common questions regarding the BAC, click below.

BAC Flyer(English)  BAC Flyer (Tagalog)  BAC Flyer (Spanish)

You can now complete your annual renewal for CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) and/or your Semi Annual Report for CalWORKs or CalFresh online! Visit www.mybenefitscalwin.org and create a user ID and password to get started!

Click here for the Eligibility Benefits Specialist job preview video