Court Services

Lieutenant Eric Thelen
Court Services

Lieutenant-Sheriff Eric Thelen was born and raised in Vallejo, California and is a graduate of Dr. James J. Hogan High School, class of 84’. Eric Thelen has since attended Solano Community College and Napa Valley College during his career with the Sheriff’s Office. As a Lieutenant-Sheriff, Eric Thelen attended the 239th session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, where he specialized in constitutional law and leadership development. He also holds numerous professional certificates from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards in Training (POST).

Eric Thelen started his career with the Sheriff’s Office in December 1987 as a Correctional Officer. He was promoted to Deputy-Sheriff February 4, 1990 by Sheriff Al Cardoza and attended the Napa Valley Police Academy, Class 16. As a Deputy-Sheriff, Eric Thelen was  assigned to the Patrol Bureau for eight years, where he trained and mentored new Deputy-Sheriffs as a Field Training Officer.  He was then assigned to Court Services Bureau, Vallejo Branch, to help transition the Vallejo Marshalls Office staff as new members of the Sheriff’s Office. From there, Eric was assigned as a Criminal Investigator where he specialized in identity theft and financial crimes. Throughout these assignments, Eric maintained a position on the Sheriff’s SWAT Team as a Sniper, trained members of the Sheriff’s Office as a Weaponless Instructor, and helped move the Sheriff’s Office into the technology age as a member of the department’s Computer Generated Information System (CGIS) committee.

Eric Thelen was promoted to Sergeant-Sheriff December 28, 2001 by Sheriff Gary Stanton. His first assignment was to create the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit which expanded from two to four service canines by 2003, adding an explosive detection K-9 and a Labrador Retriever saved through a rescue to be trained and assigned to detect contraband within the Custody Division facilities.  As a Sergeant-Sheriff, Eric Thelen spent the following 5-yrs as a grave-yard patrol supervisor while supervising the K-9 Unit, Weaponless Defense Team, and SWAT Sniper Team. He served his last year as a Sergeant-Sheriff supervising the Coroner’s Office.

On January 27, 2007 Eric Thelen was promoted to Lieutenant-Sheriff. Eric spent the next decade moving throughout the Sheriff’s Office to manage most of the agency’s bureaus, i.e. Coroner’s Office, Personnel & Training, Court Services, Transportation and Civil, and the Patrol Bureau. Eric Thelen then spent 2-yrs assigned to the Solano Community College to manage their Police Department and integrating Sheriff’s Office personnel to provide law enforcement for the three campuses. Eric Thelen returned to the Sheriff’s Office to manage the Court Security and Transportation Bureaus.