Division of Engineering & Surveying

Mission Statement

Public Works-Engineering & Surveyor designs and performs contract construction of road and bridge improvements. The Engineering Section issues encroachment permits (for use of the County road right-of-way), transportation permits (for transporting oversize and overweight loads on County roads), and assembly permits (for such things as bicycle races or filming). This section also performs traffic counts and speed surveys on County roads. The Surveyor Section reviews and approves Records of Survey, Subdivision Maps, and Parcel Maps, and provides an index and copies of all survey maps filed in the County. This section also provides historical survey information and reviews private land development applications for compliance with existing regulations.

The Engineering & Surveyor's office is located at:

675 Texas Street, Suite 5500
Fairfield, CA 94533-6341 
(707) 784-6765
FAX: (707) 784-2894

Normal business hours are:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

For information on transportation permits and traffic, contact: 

Charlie Palomeras (707) 784-6069
Senior Engineering Technician, Surveys

Yvonne Razo (707) 784-6070
Engineering Technician, Design

For information on encroachment and assembly permits, contact:

Greg Meeks (707) 784-6077
Senior Engineering Technician, Traffic

For information on grading permits contact:

Victor Chan (707) 784-3177
Civil Engineer, Grading

For information on project design, contact:

Nathan Newell (707) 784-3095
Senior Civil Engineer, Design

Gilbert Fernando (707) 784-6078
Civil Engineer-Entry, Design

For information on project construction, contact:

Robert Liu (707) 784-6074
Senior Civil Engineer, Construction

Copies of filed maps can be purchased during normal business hours. Small orders of maps can usually be purchased over the counter on a while-you-wait basis. Larger map orders may require a day or two to complete. 

For information on surveys and land development, contact:

Stanley Schram (707) 784-6069
County Surveyor

For information on survey checking and maps, contact:

Charlie Palomeras (707) 784-6069
Senior Engineering Technician, Surveys

For the division manager, contact: 

Matt Tuggle (707) 784-6072
Engineering Manager