Minimum Development Standards
Minimum Development Standards for a Permanent Residence
Solano County Code, Section 28-58(a)(1)

Except as otherwise provided by Section 28-58, one family dwellings, duplexes and manufactured dwellings shall conform to the following minimum development standards:

  1. Each dwelling shall have a minimum gross floor area of 1,000 square feet.

  2. Exterior siding shall be a material commonly found in conventional built residential structures. Metal sidings with a shiny or metallic appearance are not allowed. Siding shall extend to the ground or to the solid concrete or masonry perimeter foundation. Foundation or skirting materials simulating brick, concrete block, or stone are permitted.

  3. Roof eave or gable overhang shall be not less than 12 inches measured horizontally from the vertical side of the dwelling.

  4. Roofing material shall be limited to materials commonly found on conventionally built residential structures. Roofing material with a shiny, metallic appearance is not allowed. The minimum pitch of the roof shall be 3 inches vertical to 12 inches horizontal.

  5. The finished first floor of the dwelling shall be a maximum of 30 inches from the exterior finished grade of the lot measured from its highest level where it supports the dwelling.

  6. A two-car enclosed garage shall accompany each dwelling, and the siding and roofing materials shall match the dwelling.