Hazardous Materials
California (State Agency) Audits
Section UL
Hazardous Materials Resource List
Risk Determination Matrix
Hazardous Materials Compliance Calender
CUPA audit
Bio Terrorism Annex
Cal EMA Checklist
Fire Department MOU
Fuel Pipelines
Hazardous Materials Area Plan (2013 version)
Hazardous Materials Tool Kit
Hazmat Group Positions
Hazmat Incident Report Template
High Hazard Facilities
Levels of Training
Local Agency Reimbursement
Local Agency Reimbursement Templete
Mass Casualty Hospital Care
Mass Fatality
MOU between Solano County Health Officer and Resource Management
Multi Casualty Decontamination Plan
Multi Casualty Incident Plan
Napa Hazmat Team MOU
Non Occupation Pesticide Injuries
Notification Guide
Onscene Checklist
Organization Chart
Pesticide Community Guide
Pesticide Drift
Pesticide Drift Resource Guide
Pesticide Illness
Pesticide Numbers
Pesticide Reimbursement
Pesticides Used Commonly in Solano County
Resources List
Solano County Environmental Health Response Policies
Solano County Environmental Health Services Division Training
Solano County Hazmat Team Cost Recovery
Solano County Interagency Hazardous Materials Team MOU
Solano County Public School
Underground Storage Tank (New, Modified or Operating)
Section UL
Underground Storage Tank Application - large jobs
Underground Storage Tank Application - small jobs
Designated Operator Monthly Inspection Template
Financial Officer Letter
Financial Responsibility Certificate
Double Wall dispenser and Piping Flow Chart
Recommendation for Testing Sensors
Spill Bucket Testing
UST Installation Requirements
Vacuum, Pressure, and Hydrostatic Monitoring Form
Remanufactured UST Equipment
Tank Lining Notification Cover letter
Tank Lining Notification Form
Underground Storage Tank (Closure)
Section UL
Application to Close an Underground Storage Tank System for the Containment of Hazardous Materials
Application to Close/Remove Underground Storage Tanks
Spill -Release
Requirements for Reporting
Section UL
Release Reporting Regulatory Matrix
Hazardous Material Storage
Section UL
Emergency Procedures Poster
Cal EPA Farm Hazardous Materials FAQ
Community Right to Know Guide
Hydrogen Flouride
Nitrogen Safety
Hazardous Materials Classification of Gases
Hazardous Materials Classification of Liquids and Solids
Hazardous Materials Reporting Timing
Lead Acid Batteries
Antifreeze Inventory Sheet
Risk Management Plans (CALARP)
Section UL
Risk Management Plan FAQs
Risk Management Plan Mixture FAQ
US EPA Ammonia Advisory
Chemical Facility Security
Self Audit Checklist RMP Program 1
Self Audit Checklist RMP Program 2
Self Audit Checklist RMP Program 3
CalARP Guidance Document
Chlorine Emergency Shutdown
Chlorine Hose Advisory
Dangers of Purging Gas
Flammable Gas Safety
Hot Work
Management of Change Safety Bulletin
Material Verification Safety Bulletin
Piping Safety
Propylene Safety Bulletin
Releases Due to Power Outages
Hazardous Waste Program
Section UL
Hazardous Waste Inspection Log
Consolidated Manifests
Empty Containers
EPA Identification Number
Flourescent Light Bulbs
Fuel Filters
Lead Acid Batteries
Managing Wastes at Foreclosed Properties
Manifest Information
Oil/Water Separators
Treated Wood Waste
Appliance Recycling
Hazardous Waste Label (template)
Hazardous Waste Labels (Examples)
Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements
Management of Aerosol Containers
Used Oil Testing Requirements
Hazardous Waste Accumulation
Non RCRA Hazardous Waste AST Exemption from PE Assessment
Tiered Treatment
Section UL
Silver Wastes
Tiered Treatment Flow Chart
Tiered Treatment Phase I Assessment Checklist [Instructions]
Conditionally Authorized Form
Conditionally Exempt Limited Form
Conditionally Exempt Specialized Form
Conditionally Exempt Treatment Form
Financial Assurance
Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment Unit Form
Onsite Treatment Notice (Facility)
Permit by Rule Treatment Form
Pollution Prevention
Section UL
Auto Repair Best Management Practices
Pollution Prevention checklist
Dental Pollution Prevention Checklist
Garment Cleaning Pollution Prevention
Painter Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention for General Industry
Printers Pollution Prevention
Remodeler Pollution Prevention
Self Audit Water Quality Checklist
small manufacturer
Auto Maintenance
Section UL
Autobody Hazardous Wastes
Autobody Sanding Waste
Floor Cleanup
Paint Waste
Solvent Recycling
Used Oil
Used Oil Filters
Wastewater Management
Autobody Health and Safety
Changing Oil
Keeping a Clean Shop
Tips for Managers of Vehicle Service Facilities
Washing Vehicles
Autofinshing Air Quality Compliance Pamphlet
Solvent Parts Cleaner Pamphlet
Auto Body Pollution Prevention
Auto Repair Facilties Pollution Prevention
Clandestine Drug Laboratories
Section UL
Clan Lab Clean-up Order
Clan Lab Inspection Report
Solano County Procedures for Meth Lab Assessment and Cleanup
Air Emmissions from Meth Labs Initial Evaluation
Ammonia Fact Sheet
Clan Lab Contractors & Consultants
Cleaning Products Used for Meth Lab Decontamination
Methamphetamine Fact Sheet
Red Phosphorus Fact Sheet
Sodium Hydroxide Fact Sheet
Hydrochloric Acid
Iodine Fact Sheet
US EPA Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Assessment and Cleanup
Aboveground Storage tanks
Section UL
Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act
California EPA Scope of CUPA Implementation
SPCC Guidance Regional Inspectors
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan Requirements
US EPA Sample SPCC Plan for Bulk Storage (Word version)
US EPA Sample SPCC Plan for Facilities were Secondary Containment is Impractical (Word version)
US EPA Sample SPCC Plan for Production Facilities (Word version)
Aboveground Petroleum Act Program Brochure
Resources for SPCC Preparation on Farms
US EPA Fact Sheet on SPCC on Farms
US EPA SPCC Compliance Dates
US EPA SPCC Farm Brochure
US EPA SPCC Summary (bluebrochure)
US EPA Training on SPCC Plans
Summary of Federal SPCC Regulations
Guidance for Tier I and II Qualified Facilities
Calculate Remote containment
Calculate secondary containment (new)
Calculate Secondary Containment (single horizontal tank)
Calculate volume of secondary containment (multiple horizontal tanks)
Example of Tier I SPCC Plan
Qualified Tier II Template for SPCC
US EPA Tier I SPCC Template
US EPA Tier I SPCC Template (editable
Disaster Response Information
Section UL
Emergency Guidance on Wildfires (Hazardous Waste)
Hazardous Waste Disposal (Earthquakes)
Hazardous Wastes Disposal (Fires)
Wildfire Hazardous Waste (2)(Spanish)
Wildfire Hazardous Waste Issues (1) (Spanish)
Safe Cleanup of Ash
DTSC Clan Lab Removal Policy
DTSC Funding for Off Highway Incidents
Guide to Risk Assessment
Hazmat Tool Kit
Hazmat Tool Kit
Hazmat Tool Kit
Hazmat Tool Kit
Mass Decontamination
Pesticide Drift Guide
Reimbursement of Medicial Costs (Pesticide Drift Exposure)
Wildfire Smoke Public Health Evaluation
CUPA Consolidated Contingency Plan
Section UL
Consolidated Contingency Plan [Instructions]
Consolidated Contingency Plan Instructions
Consultant List
Section UL
UST Removal and Installation and Maintenance Contractors
Consultant List
(CERS) California Environmental Reporting System
Information on Electronic Reporting of Hazmat to State
Section UL
Designated Operator Submittal Form (Word Version)
CERS information for Businesses with Mutiple Locations
CERS Newsletter for Businesses
Consolidated Contingency Plan
Site Diagram (editable and savable)
CERS Compatible Contingency Plan
Adding a New User to Your CERS Business
Adding Your First Business to CERS
Requesting Access to a Business in CERS
CERS Training FAQs
CERS Advanced and Intermediate Training
CERS Basic Business Training