Mission Statement
Mission Statement
The mission statement of the Solano County Public Guardian's office is to provide personal and financial services to individuals who are not capable of managing their own affairs. Services are typically ongoing and include investigations, managing income and property, authorization of treatment as mandated by the applicable law, code or regulation, and applying for benefits on behalf of the clients. More than 400 individuals receive assistance from the Public Guardian's office every year.

Department Description and Functionality
The Public Guardian provides a vital service to persons unable to properly care for themselves or who are unable to manage their finances. The service is provided through a legal process known as conservatorship. Los Angeles was the first county in the state to establish this process in 1945. Initially, the primary responsibility was for the finances of persons civilly committed to psychiatric facilities. As society evolved and the laws changed to meet new social challenges, the role of the Public Guardian broadened to include more responsibility for the care of the individual. The landmark Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act of 1969 and sebsequent changes to the Probate Code meant the Public Guardian became the substitute decision maker for vunerable populations of the county, such as the frail elderly and persons with serious mental illness.
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  • Representative Payee Program

  • Veterans Fiduciary Services

"Government is instituted no less for protection of property, than of the persons of individuals." James Madison, 1788