Departmental Functions

Departmental Functions

The department has four distinct divisions: Adult; Juvenile; Juvenile Institutions and Administrative, Fiscal, and Support. These divisions provide unique services designed to assist with community protection and offender treatment intervention. These services are accomplished by a variety of programs unique to each division. The Administrative, Fiscal, and Support Division is responsible for providing significant support for the Adult/Juvenile divisions and Juvenile Detention Facility. (Access to these services must be by court order or police arrest.)

Adult Division

Adult Probation Officers provide protection and safety to the community by serving as an arm of the Superior Courts. Adult Probation Officers provide investigation and supervision services for adult clients through various probation programs ranging from minimum supervision to residential placement. In addition, Adult Probation Officers recommend appropriate sentencing for adult clients and juvenile clients referred to adult court while preserving and enhancing the level of treatment intervention whenever possible.

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  • Adult Court Officers
  • Pre-Trial Investigations
  • Pre-Trial Supervision
  • Sex Offender Supervision
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • DUI Supervision
  • Offender Link Supervision
Specialized Programs
  • Center for Positive Change
  • Drug Court
  • Veteran's Court
Residential Placement
  • Adult Placement Program

Postrelease Community Supervision         

  • Intake Assessments
  • Supervision
Juvenile Division

Juvenile Probation Officers provide protection and safety to the community by serving as an arm of the Juvenile and Superior Courts. Juvenile Probation Officers provide investigation and supervision services for juvenile clients through various probation programs ranging from early intervention, general supervision, intensive supervision and placement. In addition, Juvenile Probation Officers recommend appropriate dispositions for juvenile clients while preserving and enhancing the family unit, whenever possible.

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Prevention/Early Intervention
  • Probation-Police Teams
  • Felony Diversion Officer
  • Intake-Traffic Hearing Officers
  • Juvenile Hall Expediter
  • Juvenile Court Investigations
  • Juvenile Court Liaison
  • General Supervision
Intensive Supervision
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Program
  • Family Preservation Program
  • Court School Supervision Program
  • Multi-Agency Intervention and Treatment Program - MIT
  • Juvenile Drug Offender Program
  • Intensive Community Action Program - ICAP (Vallejo) 
  • Day Reporting Center (Vallejo) 
  • Electronic Monitoring Program
  • Weekend Academy Program
  • New Foundations
  • Fouts Springs Youth Facility
  • General Placement (Group Home, Foster Care, Non-Relative/Extended Family Member Placements)
Juvenile Institutions Division

Juvenile Institutions provide detention for youth charged with serious crimes, who otherwise cannot be safely released to the community and are likely to flee the jurisdiction of the Court.

This division also provides post-disposition detention for youth awaiting placement to other residential care.

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Administrative, Fiscal and Support Divisions

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Administrative Unit

This unit is responsible for internal department functions. They act as an employee services center providing information to all staff concerning benefits and coordinating the processes of hiring, promotion, and resignation. They also process accounts payable, mileage and travel claims.

Fiscal Management

This unit and staff are committed to ensuring that revenues are enhanced and expenditures are appropriate. They are responsible for establishing and monitoring the department's budget, preparing state and federal funding claims, as well as developing and monitoring contracts.


This unit is responsible for processing and setting up accounts receivable, mailing billing statements to clients, providing account status and information to probation officers and outside agencies. They also process restitution payments to victims. Types of accounts collected by this unit include fines and restitution from clients who have court ordered probation fines, juvenile traffic fines, Juvenile Hall detention fees and other related fines/fees. Currently there are two Collection Officers in this unit: one manages the collection of fines/fees for banked cases and contacting clients who have been delinquent with their payments, while the other one manages the Juvenile Hall detention billings including financial interview and making determination of ability to pay.


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