Community Corrections Partnership

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The mission of the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) is to discuss issues related to the implementation of various pieces of state legislation that focus on adult criminal offenders, including the realignment of many state public safety functions to local jurisdictions. The overall objective is to reduce the recidivism rate of adult offenders in the local criminal justice system.

Membership of the CCP is defined by the Community Corrections Performance Incentive Act of 2009 (SB 678) and includes the Chief Probation Officer (Chair)*, Presiding Judge of the Superior Court*, a County Supervisor or County Administrator, District Attorney*, Public Defender*, Sheriff*, the head of the Department of Social Services*, the head of the County Department of Mental Health, the head of the County Department of Employment, the head of the County Alcohol and Substance Abuse programs, the County Superintendent of Education, a local chief of police*, a representative of a community-based organization with experience in successfully providing rehabilitative services to persons convicted of criminal offenses, and an individual who represents the interests of victims.

Through AB 109/AB117 the CCP is responsible for recommending a local plan to the county Board of Supervisors (BOS) for the implementation of the 2011 public safety realignment. This legislation also established an Executive Committee within the CCP. Each Executive Committee member is identified with an asterisk (*) above. The Executive Committee is responsible for approving the local plan for recommendation to the BOS.

Job Readiness Request for Proposal (RFP)

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 08-03-11:

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 08-03-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting Minutes 08-03-11

ATC Presentation

Public Safety Realignment Presentation

Sanctions Grid Draft

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 8-22-11:

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda

Attorney Focus Group Notes 08-19-11

Law Enforcement Group Notes 08-18-11

Judges Focus Group Notes 08-15-11

Reentry Council Focus Group Notes 08-15-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 9-9-11:

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 09-09-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting Minutes 09-09-11

Solano County 2011 Public Safety Realignment Draft 09-09-2011

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 9-28-11:

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 09-28-11

Solano County 2011 Public Safety Realignment Revised Draft 09-28-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting Minutes 09-28-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 10-17-2011

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 10-17-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting Minutes 10-17-11

Solano County 2011 Proposed Public Safety Realignment Plan 11-01-11

AB109 Preliminary Funding Requests Draft 10-17-2011

Solano County's Approved 2011 Realignment Plan

Solano County's 2011 Realignment Plan 11-01-11

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 12-14-2011

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 12-14-11

Community Corrections Partnership Minutes 12-14-11

Day/Evening Reporting Center

Mental Health Implementation Plan

AB109 ReEntry Concept Paper

Concept Paper Attachment 1

Concept Paper Attachment 2

Concept Paper Attachment Roll Out
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 01-11-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 01-11-12

Community Corrections Partnership Minutes 01-11-2012
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 02-08-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Agenda 02-08-2012

Post Release Supervision Info Sheet

Data Collections

Drug Felons - Cal Works

Video Conferencing


Reentrants Employment Project

CCP Minutes 02-08-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 03-21-2012

CCP Agenda 3-21-12

Post Release Supervision Info Sheet

Highlights of the MH/Substance Abuse Subcommittee

Reentrants Employment Project

2011 Public Safety Realignment Budget Report

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 04-11-2012

CCP Minutes 04-11-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 05-14-2012

CCP Agenda 05-14-2012

CCP Meeting Minutes 05-14-2012 

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 06-13-2012

CCP Agenda 06-13-2012

CCP Minutes June 13, 2012

Sheriffs Office Stats - June 13, 2012

CCP Implementation Plan Update

DRC Subcommittee Workgroup Report

Probation Stats - June 13, 2012

Substance Abuse Mental Health Subcommittee Report 06-13-2012

AB 109 Referral and Placement Breakdown - Substance Abuse

AB109 Referral & Placement Breakdown-Mental Health

Sanctions Grid Subcommitee Draft

Community Corrections Partnership  Meeting 07-11-2012

CCP Agenda July 11, 2012

CCP Minutes 7-11-12
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 07-27-2012
CCP Agenda Committee

CCP Minutes 7-27-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 8-8-12

CCP Agenda 8-8-2012

CCP Minutes 8-8-2012

Attachment 1 Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board Flyer

Attachment 2 Probation Statistics

Attachment 3 Sheriffs Office Statistics

Attachment 4 AB 109 Budget Report

Attachment 5 HSS Mental Health

Attachment 6 Substance Abuse
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 8-24-12

CCP Agenda 8-24-2012

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 9-12-12

CCP Agenda 9-12-2012 Revised

CCP Minutes September 12, 2012

Public Saftey Realignment Day Reporting Implementation Plan Framework

Day Reporting Center Resource Materials
Updated Framework Report by Tom White
Comparison of Traditional DRC and Solano Model
Chris Lowenkamp - CV
DRC Framework Review Letter by Chris Lowenkamp
Peer-Based Addiction Recovery Support

Client Engagement
Enhancing Motivation to Change In-Service Training
Exercises for Developing MI Skills in Corrections
Motivational Interviewing in Corrections
Motivational Enhancement Therapy with Drug Abusers

Primary Interventions
A Quantitative Review of Structured, Group-Oriented, Cognitive-Behavioral Programs for Offenders 
Cognitive Behavioral Coping Skills Therapy Manual
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Matrix Counselors Treatment
Offender Workforce Development Specialist Partnership Training Program
Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults in CJ System
Thinking for a Change
The Offender Employment Retention Forum
The Positive Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Programs for Offenders
Understanding Evidence-Based Practices for Co-Occurring Disorders
Using Matrix with Women Client
Various Correction Treatment Articles

Relapse Preventions
Relapse Prevention Guidelines for Implementing Relapse Prevention Therapy
Relapse Prevention Workbook

A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems
Coaching Packet Continuous Quality Improvement
Implementation a Contingency Management-Based Intervention
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice - Urban Crime Increase in 2012
Continuous Quality Improvement - Quality Assurance Manual
Funding for Local Law Enforcement
Offender Assessments
Press Release - Supervised Offenders Are Not Driving Arrests in CA
Training Manual for the California Program Assessment Process
An Examination of Rearrests and Reincarcerations Among Discharged Day Reporting Center Clients
Recommended Reading
References for the DRC Treatment Model
References for the DRC Treatment Model
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 10-12-2012
CCP Agenda 10-12-12
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 10-17-2012
CCP Agenda 10-17-12 (Revised)
CCP Minutes 10-17-12
Solano County Public Safety Realignment - DRC Implementation Plan Framework 10-12
Public Safety Realignment (AB109) Budget Revised 10-16-12
Justification for Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS) Supervisor
CCP Data PowerPoint 10-17-12
Community Corrections Partnership  Meeting 11-13-12
CCP Agenda 11-13-12
Community Corrections Partnership  Meeting 11-14-12
CCP Agenda 11-14-12 (Revised - Location Change)
CCP Minutes 11-14-12
California Public Safety Realignment/Day Reporting Center Informational Meeting Agenda
Press Release - Informational Meeting
DRC Informational Session - Handbook
AB109 and DRC Frequently Asked Questions
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 12-19-12
CCP Agenda 12-19-12 Revised
CCP Minutes 12-19-12
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 1-16-13
CCP Agenda 1-16-13
Community Meeting  1-31-13   
Press Release for Community Meeting 1-31
Community Meeting Handouts 1-31-13
Community Meeting Video 1-31-13
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 2-13-13
CCP Agenda and Related documents - 2-13-13
Solano County Public Safety Realignment - Center for Positive Change
Response to City of Vallejo's Resolution
Response to City of Vallejo's Resolution
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 3-13-13
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 3-13-2013
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 4-10-13 - Cancelled
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 5-8-13
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 5-8-2013
Community Corrections Partnership Meetings - Cancelled for June & July 2013
June 2013 CCP Packet
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 8-14-13
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 8-14-13
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting - Cancelled September 18, 2013
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 10-16-13
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 10-16-13
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 11-13-13
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 11-13-13
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting - Cancelled January 22, 2013
CCP Minutes 11-13-13
CCP Data January 2014
Community Corrections Partnership Meeting 2-26-14
CCP Agenda and Related Documents 2-26-2014