In the State of California, authorized certified certificates of birth records can only be obtained by the following individuals:

  • Individual named on the record,
  • Parents of the individual named on the record,
  • Grandparents, siblings, a party entitled to receive a certified certificate as a result of a court order,
  • A lawyer, licensed adoption agency or a member of law enforcement, who is conducting official business.

All other requestors can only obtain “Informational” certified certificates. Informational certified certificates contain the same information as an authorized copy, but will have a legend across the face with the statement "INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY."


How to Purchase Birth Certificates in Solano County ONLINE

Birth certificate processing fee is $30.00 for each certificate. Certified certificates are available to purchase within two to three weeks after the newborn’s birth date.   

 Please read carefully
If we cannot locate the record based on the information you provided, California Health and Safety Code authorizes our program to retain the fee for the search itself.

If you are going to pick up the certified record(s), you do not need to notarize the application.  You will need to visit our location and provide your I.D. before we can release the record to you.

Please follow the 3 Steps listed below to place your order.

Step 1- Please print the application (add the application link here)
Step 2-Complete the application including the notarized section and then email it to 
Step 3-Pay online for pick up (add link here ) For mailing (add link here)

If you have questions about the application or the birth certificate process, please email us at or you may reach us Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at (707) 784-8060.