Black Infant Health Program

Solano County
Black Infant Health (BIH)

Who is Eligible
Pregnant African-American women
18+ years of age
Women available to receive services
Women who reside in Vallejo 

How to Apply
To be a participant of the Black Infant Health Program, call (707) 553-5055.

Providers may fax a client referral form to (707)784-2229.

Fees Charged
The services of the Black Infant Health Program are completely free of charge.

Geographic Area Served
To participate in the Black Infant Health Program, you must reside in Vallejo. 

Assist pregnant/ parenting African American women to assure receipt of prenatal, postpartum and infant care.

Services Provided
Case Management
Prenatal and Postpartum Groups (each group meets for ten weeks)
Maintain a community advisory board

Frequently Asked Questions
View a list of frequently asked questions about the Black Infant Health Program.

BIH Community Advisory Board
The mission of the Black Infant Health (BIH) advisory Board is to reduce infant mortality rates in African American families by providing strategies to reduce barriers to care and advocacy around health issues relating to the African American community.

BabyFirst Solano Collaborative
The Black Infant Health Program is a partner in the BabyFirst Solano Collaborative, a public and private partnership committed to improving birth outcomes for infants born to teens and African Americans in Solano County. View the One Page Summary of the BabyFirst Solano Collaborative or view the website at