Adolescent Family Life Program
Adolescent Family Life Program
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  • AFLP Data Update, 2006 - The Adolescent Family Life Program: Reporting of Selected Outcomes for Clients Active in AFLP as of November 30, 1997 (Maternal and Child Health Branch, California Department of Health Services)
  • Medi-Cal's MINOR CONSENT services are designed to ensure that minors can receive confidential health care for "sensitive services"
  • TEEN ABUSE REPORTING IN CALIFORNIA: The mandatory reporting law does not require the reporting of all sexual activity in minors, which is illegal by definition, but only when certain situations and age relationships between the partners occur
  • Fast Meals & Quick Snacks: A Cookbook for TEENS
  • Discipline = Love & Limits: Staying calm while teaching your child right from wrong: Staying calm while teaching your child right from wrong - A guide to help decide what is right for your child - color or black & white
  • Pregnant, No Insurance and Need Care? Call 1(877) 680-2229 - learn how to get care English or Spanish
  • The Adolescent Family Life Program is a partner in the BabyFirst Solano Collaborative, a public and private partnership committed to improving birth outcomes for infants born to teens and African Americans in Solano County. View the  One Page Summary of the Solano Prenatal Care Collaborative or view the website