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Solano County Dive Rescue Team

The Solano County Dive/Rescue Team, (SCDRT) is a partnership between the Solano County Office of Emergency Services (OES), Solano County Sheriff’s Office and the Vacaville Fire Protection District.

Formed in 1998, it was the first combined Law Enforcement and Fire Department Dive Rescue Team in the State of California. The Team is comprised entirely of volunteers who have a desire to support first responders and to assist in giving families closure. The Dive Team is composed of both divers and surface support personnel (tenders and profilers) that aide the divers in conducting safe and effective search and recovery operations. Divers and support personnel dedicate many hours to the demanding and vigorous training schedule in order to develop and maintain a high skill level.

While the team trains on a monthly basis, they are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Search and recovery operations may include but are not limited to: vehicles (including boats and planes), weapons, criminal evidence as well as victims of water related incidents.

Since the Team’s inception the Solano County Dive Rescue Team has completed missions for the Vacaville Police, Vallejo Police, Suisun City Police, Rio Vista Police, Dixon Police, Dixon Fire, Napa Sheriff, Alameda Sheriff, Yolo Sheriff, Sacramento Sheriff, Sacramento Police, Sonoma Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Divers on the SCDRT consist of recreational divers that have been specially trained to perform Public Safety Diver missions. They are trained in many aspects including: diving in adverse weather conditions, hazardous diving environments, black/zero visibility diving, as well as entanglement and entrapment hazards. Dive Team members utilize dry suits and full face masks with voice communications and may be deployed with either SCUBA or surface supplied air (SSA). New divers to the team must have a minimum of an open water recreational diver certification and strong water and SCUBA skills.

Public safety diving is an exciting, challenging and rewarding field but it is not for everyone. It is also considered to be one of the most hazardous types of diving and requires a strong commitment. Members of the Team must be highly motivated, professional, and committed to safety.

The current Dive Team Coordinator is Reserve Deputy Sheriff Jimmie McCants who is assisted by Team Leaders Kurt Haunschild, John Potter and Gary Short. The active Dive Team members are: Al Cummings, Andrew Erthum, Linda Johnson, Robert Merrick, Dave Peters, Craig Black, Dean Zerbe, John Gros, Lonnie Smith, Sid Turner, Kim DelToro, Renee Frank, Laurel Garrison and Julian Jolivette.

The SCDRT is actively seeking new divers as well as additional support personnel.

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