Solano County Mental Health’s Innovation program is entitled Community Access to Resources and Education (CARE), and is administered by Aldea Children and Family Services.

The CARE Plan was developed using consumer and stakeholder input gathered at community planning meetings held from May through August 2009. Eighty-five stakeholders, over half of which were consumers or family members of consumers, participated in community planning meetings.

Solano County also released a survey online and in hardcopy to stakeholders and consumers asking them to rate the ideas generated during the community planning meetings. 119 surveys were received identifying the community's priority for Solano's Innovation project. The survey results were brought to the MHSA Steering Committee for comment.

Additional efforts were made to secure community participation during the public hearing and public comment period by reaching out to community and consumer organizations to encorage input on the plan.

The CARE program brings mental health services, including assessment, medication support, case management, and brief treatment, to locations throughout Solano County where people are already accessing other health and social services, such as family resource centers, homeless shelters, and primary care sites.

CARE services are provided by a mobile mental health team that can travel to community locations throughout the county to provide mental health services. By taking mental health services out of the clinic and into the community, CARE aims to eliminate the barriers that many underserved groups have in accessing services, including transportation to distant cities for services and the stigma associated with visiting a mental health clinic.

CARE supports and is consistent with:

  • Community collaboration
    The Innovation plan was developed in collaboration with over 200 community participants. By providing mental health services in community locations, CARE will increase community and mental health collaboration around consumer needs.
  • Cultural competence
    Recruitment for CARE staff will focus on providers who are bilingual in Spanish or Tagalog and bicultural to the extent feasible. In addition, mental health services will be provided in collaboration with agencies that provide culturally competent services.
  • Client and family driven
    Over half of the Stakeholder’s that attended Innovation community planning meetings were consumers or family members of consumers, and they overwhelmingly supported bringing services to locations in their community. In addition, consumers and family members will be involved in the implementation and evaluation of CARE.
  • Wellness, recovery, and resilience focused
    CARE aims to provide brief treatment and link clients to community resources for ongoing recovery and wellness support.
  • Integrated services experience for clients and their families
    The primary focus of CARE is to incorporate mental health with other community and health services to provide an integrated service experience.

For more information on CARE services, please contact Aldea Children & Family Services

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