Community Services and Supports

Community Services & Supports (CSS) provides treatment and recovery services to adults who are severely and persistently mentally ill (SMI), and to children who have serious emotional disturbance (SED). Approximately 80% of all MHSA funds are directed to these services, which encompass two types of strategies, as well as efforts to improve the overall system:
  • Full Service Partnerships (FSP)
    At least 51% of CSS funds must be directed to FSPs. FSPs offer comprehensive, 24/7 services to support the recovery, development, and resiliency of children with SED and adults who are SMI. Driven by a "whatever it takes" philosophy, FSPs collaborate with a  wide variety of community agencies and organizations to ensure a full array of services and to meet housing, social/recreational, vocational, medical, and educational needs. A brochure with more information on Solano County FSP programs can be found by clicking here.
  • Wellness & Recovery
    In addition to FSPs, CSS funds recovery and resiliency strategies to support the recovery of consumers who are receiving mental health treatment services. In Solano County, these strategies include wellness & recovery centers, peer support programs, and the Cooperative Employment program.
  • General Systems Development
    Systems development strategies include new programs which have been developed within the past year, as well as strategies which provide support to the overall mental health system.

The MHSA Annual Update for Fiscal Year 2013-14 and the Three-Year Integrated Plan for Fiscal Years 2014-15 through 2016-17 contains more information on the most recent outcome data for CSS programs, as well as planned CSS projects for the next three years.