Cultural Competence


Solano County Behavioral Health is committed to effectively serving our County's diverse population by understanding and respecting the value cultural differences play in providing quality mental health services to our community. 

Please click on the links below to find information and articles geared toward the culture or group of which you are most interested.  Also, please check out our Cultural Competency Plan of 2010 (below) to see details of our efforts to reach underserved populations in our County.





The Solano County Division of Mental Health is committed to the provision of culturally and linguistically competent mental health services.  

The 2010 Solano County Cultural Competency Plan provides detailed information about Solano County, the consumers of mental health services in Solano County and the employees providing these services. This plan also provides detailed strategies intended to increase both the access to and the provision of mental health services to under-served populations living in Solano County. 

La División del Condado de Solano de Salud Mental está comprometida con la prestación de servicios cultural y lingüísticamente competentes de salud mental.

El 2010 el Condado de Solano Plan de Competencia Cultural ofrece información detallada sobre el Condado de Solano, los consumidores de servicios de salud mental en el condado de Solano y de los empleados que prestan estos servicios. Este plan también proporciona estrategias detalladas destinadas a aumentar tanto el acceso y la prestación de servicios de salud mental a las poblaciones desatendidas que viven en el Condado de Solano.

Solano County Mental Health Cultural Competency Plan 2010