Bay Area Services Network

What is BASN?
The Bay Area Services Network (BASN) has been in Solano County since 1996. It was designed to provide parolees of the California Department of Corrections with opportunites to recover from alcohol/drug addictions. Substance Abuse treatment services include: residential, non-residential (out-patient), sober living, detoxification, and case management.
How long is the BASN treatment program?
Each parolee receives a maximum of 180 days of service as a BASN particpant.
What do services consist of?
In a variety of treatment modalities BASN participants may receive:
  • alumni association
  • anger & stress management
  • bilingual/bicultural (Spanish)
  • education
  • follow-up beyond treatment
  • idividual/group/family counseling
  • living skills workshop
  • pre-vocational/vocational services
  • recreational activites
  • referrals/resources
  • stable housing
  • substance abuse/relapse prevention
  • support group involvement
  • treatment planning
Is there a cost to the parolee?
The BASN funding covers most of the cost of treatment. However, modest fees can be charged in some program's based on the parolee's ability to pay.
How can a parolee get into BASN?
To be eligible for BASN, parolees must have an established history of alcohol/drug abuse and be willing to voluntarily enter treatment. Parolees who have a long history of violence, sex offenses, or arson may not be eligible for all treatment modalities. To get into the program he/she must do the following:
  • Call the assigned parole agent at Vallejo Parole
    (707) 648-5372 or Fairfield Parole at(707) 428-2016
  • Call Center Point Case manager TBA
  • Solano County Program Manager at (707) 784-2226
BASN Program Coordinator
Andrew Williamson