HIV Education & Counseling
HIV Education and Counseling are provided through HIV Set-Aside funding. 

What is HIV Set-Aside?
The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SAPTBG) is a HIV Set-Aside Program which delivers education/prevention and testing services. It is the only program in Solano County that specifically targets clients that are in substance abuse treatment programs by providing early intervention services. Since its inception, the emphasis has been to educate, counsel, test, and be a support/referral source to anyone testing positive for the HIV antibody.
What services are available?
HIV set-aside provides education/prevention and testing services.
How and where can I get services?
Education groups are scheduled throughout Solano County at: substance abuse treatment programs and also upon request by a community member. All education sessions are delivered by Substance Abuse Services/HIV Set Aside Program. For more information on HIV education, please call: (707) 784-2226.

Testing services are scheduled in advance at all substance abuse treatment programs. From time to time a request is made from the courts or probation to give a test to someone involved with their agency. For more information on testing, please call: (707) 784-2226.