Health Benefits for IHSS Caregivers

Health Benefits for IHSS Caregivers

The IHSS Public Authority is offering Medical, Dental, and Vision to eligible IHSS providers at no cost. In order to be eligible for these medical benefits, provider must be paid by Solano County IHSS for at least 65 hours per month for two consecutive months.

How to enroll

Once providers meet the criteria and become eligible, we will automatically send them the application form. They need to fill out the form and submit within 30 days. Enrollment applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If they are determined eligible they will be placed on a waiting list until an opening in the plan becomes available. Currently we have a waiting list that is about 2 years old and contains about 500 people.

Please remember that the eligibility criteria of being paid for 65+ hours for two consecutive months must be maintained.  Monthly reports from the State use pay periods from two months to report monthly paid hours.  For example: The March report uses the February 16-28 and March 1-15 pay periods.  Eligibility is based upon these pay periods.  It is very important to continue to turn in your timesheets within five days after the end of each time period to maintain uninterrupted eligibility.

If you have any questions about the health plan offered to IHSS caregivers or your benefits eligibility or your waiting list status, please call Public Authority at (707)784-8200.