Subsidized Employment Information For Employers

The Create Jobs Subidized Employment program has changed as of August 1, 2011!

Solano County is recruiting local employers to participate in a subsidized employment program.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, we would like to talk to you about the possibility of participating in this program.
  • Is your business located in Solano County?
  • Could you use an additional employee(s) for 20-40 hours per week?
  • Would you like to have 50% of the employee's wages, up to $24 per hour, reimbursed, for six months?
To participate, you will need to
  1. Sign an agreement with the County
  2. Hire the employee using your regular hiring process (note: recent layoffs may disqualify you from participating -- contact us for more information)
To express interest in participating, Solano County employers may
email us for further information. Please fill out this form and attach it to your email, or indicate your business name, the type and number of positions you are seeking to fill, and contact information. Alternatively, you may call us at 707-553-5173.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. My employees are paid on commission. How do I calculate their wages?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse commission based wages. We are able to reimburse on base wages, if you pay a base wage plus commission.

2. My business is located outside of Solano County, but I'm willing to hire Solano County residents. Can I participate?
    Please contact us. We may be able to approve your participation, depending on the circumstances.

3. I am interested in participating, but pay my employees over $24 per hour. Can I participate?
    We can reimburse 50% of wages up to $24 per hour. No subsidy would be available for wages over $24 per hour.

4. Do I have to hire a new employee to participate, or can I increase the hours of an existing employee?
    The program is only available for new hires who are otherwise unemployed at the time of hire.

5. Do I have the opportunity to interview and select the employee?
    Yes. We will send you a selection of pre-screened candidates, and you will select and hire the candidate of your choice.