Mission Statement
To provide County departments with a well qualified, trained workforce that reflects the diversity of the community, is appropriately classified and equitably compensated and to develop and implement policies, procedures, and programs which promote a positive and productive work environment.
Department Description and Functionality
The Department of Human Resources consists of two divisions: Personnel Services/Employee Benefits and Risk Management.

Personnel/Employee Benefits
The Personnel Services Division provides the following services:

  • Recruiting, testing and selection of applicants to meet department's staffing needs;
  • Ongoing review of the position classification and of employees compensation;
  • Serving as staff to the Civil Service Commission;
  • Resolving employee grievances;
  • Employee/labor relations and negotiations;
  • Administering and maintaining the Human Resources Information System (HRIS);
  • Processing of personnel action forms, maintaining official personal history files, maintaining the position allocation list and the alphabetical list of classes and salaries;
  • Meeting with departments on a regular basis to provide proactive assistance in personnel matters.
  • Oversee the County's employee benefits program.

    Risk Management
    Administers all County insurance programs including: Liability, Workers' Compensation, Property, Unemployment, Medical Malpractice, and Vehicle.