Division Functions


   Perry Sauro,  Facilities Operations Manager      
   Debbie Barngraff, Office Coordinator
   Shilo Moore, Assistant II

  • Division financial administration and fiscal control
  • Personnel and payroll processing and tracking
  • Daily operation of maintenance service requests
  • Badge, Parking Permit and Temporary Parking Pass Issuance

Building Maintenance  

   Mike Mitchell, Facilities Operations Supv.           

  • Maintenance of Exterior and Interior of County owned and County leased buildings
  • Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical,  Carpentry, Masonry
  • Signage-Engraved and Vinyl 
  • Fire Extinguishers, Pest Control

    Mike Cepeda,  Brandon Henderson, Custodial Supervisors

  •   Provide In-house services for County-owned/occupied buildings and County leased facilities

               whose agreements do not provide for such services

  •   Oversee County Recycling program  


   Jim Simon, Grounds Supervisor

  • Maintains turf areas, shrubs, trees and other elements associated with landscaping for County-owned property and provides litter removal for County parking lots and Fairfield and Vallejo
  • Lawn service to County Parks 
  • New landscape projects 

Small Projects

  Mike Mitchell,  Facilities Operations Supv.  
  Larry Patterson, Interim Small Projects Coordinator                                            

  • Small Project Planning and Implementation
  • Tenant improvements 
  • Modular Furniture Organizing and Configuration
  • Furniture adjustments due to Ergo Evaluations

Stationary Engineers/HVAC  
   Ed Sparks, Facilities Operations Supv                 

  • Maintains Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning for  County Owned and some county leased buildings.
  • Performs water treatment for County fountains. 
  • Oversees County elevators and generators permitting.