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  Picture of Architectural Services Staff

 Solano County Government Center
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Capital Projects Management Staff
Front row (left to right):  Jorjet Potier – Assistant Architectural Project Coordinator; Orlie Coronel-Mangune – Architectural Project Coordinator

Back row (left to right):  Kanon Artiche - Deputy Director of General Services/County Architect; Rosa Lane – Associate County Architect; James Bezek - Associate County Architect; Fred Denes – Former Associate County Architect (no longer with the County)Jimmy Kamel - Accountant

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The Capital Projects Management team leads capital improvement planning and development of new and existing County facilities by providing quality architectural, engineering, project and construction management services for our customers.         

Department Description and Functionality

The Capital Projects Management (CPM) is one of nine service-oriented divisions within the Department of General Services.

Established in 1990.

Responsible for the development of all Capital Improvement Projects (projects valued at greater than $25,000) produced to house County functions.

In 1995, CPM converted from an in-house design model to a project/construction management model for project delivery.

CPM provides limited in-house design support for small projects (projects valued at less than $25,000) and out-sources design services for larger Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs).

CPM manages approximately 80 separate work efforts annually.

Current active project management portfolio valued in excess of $100 million.

Deliver projects through all phases, from pre-design and project entitlements, through construction close-out for:

• New Construction
• Additions
• Renovations
• Building System Upgrades
• Environmental Monitoring/Remediation
Utilize the following Project Delivery Methods: Traditional, Design-Build, Performance Contracting.

Projects vary greatly in building type, construction materials, user requirements and type of construction.

Currently staffed by the County Architect, two Associate County Architects, and one Architectural Project Coordinator, Architectural Project Coordinator Assistant, and an Accountant.

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