Make the Most of Summer

Children need fun things to do for the summer months that will keep them active and healthy. Spending time with your child is the BEST way to help them become confident and strong individuals. So have fun and enjoy!  

Choose any of the activities to help kick-off your summer and have fun!

  • Visit museums, go to parks that offer nature walks, or set up your own nature walk. Point out different trees, birds, cloud shapes, local attractions, places of historical interest, flowers, etc.  Don’t forget the sunblock and water to rehydrate!
  • Encourage children to gather leaves and flowers to press between the pages of a book.
  • Check websites that offer free printables for children of various ages, instructions for arts and crafts and other printable or downloadable goodies.
  • Be silly together!  Sing and dance.  Play dress-up and make-believe.  Let your child’s imagination soar…….
  • Collect small boxes and make them available for children to collect rocks, bugs, and other 'treasures' in.
  • For children getting out of pre-school and kindergarten, a tablet with pre-marked lines is ideal for practicing printing by writing capital and lower case letters and numbers with enough space in between each one for young children to copy.
  • Check into library activities for children. Many libraries have 'make it and take it art and craft activities' in various themes for different ages plus story telling days where librarians, or adult and teen volunteers read books, tell stories, etc. for children.
  • Play with items that will help children get plenty of outdoor exercise, as well as fun, such as soft plastic balls, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, hula hoops, etc.
  • Have an outdoor photo shoot (even if you aren't the greatest photographer). Let your child run and get dirty. Let them laugh and carry on. Get pictures doing any of the above activities. When your child is older the pictures will be a reminder of how much fun he had with you. The more candid the shots, the better they will be!
Have a fun summer together!!!