Schools Started, Now What?

Has your child become a Kindergartner this fall, (or started preschool for the first time)? If so you may be noticing some changes.

This is a tremendous time of change for your child and you. Your child will be meeting many new children, following new sets of rules, and learning how to be a member of his or her classroom. All this takes a great deal of energy. You may find that your child is coming home very tired, possibly cranky and not as able to do his or her regular home routine. You may also find that your family schedule has changed because of school.

With all the changes taking place, this is a time when your child will really need your love, support and understanding. Even the most ready child goes through these challenges with some frustration, crying and tiredness. All of this will pass, but for the first 8 to 10 weeks your child will need your patience, extra help and lots of TLC.

Starting school, especially Kindergarten is a time of great joy, but possibly sadness as well. You’ve raised, loved and cared for your child for five years and now he or she is off to school. However, don’t think you are not as important to your child. You are still your child’s first and best teacher and crucial to your child’s success! Let your child see that you are interested in school. Volunteer in your child’s classroom if at all possible. Make sure to ask him or her questions about his or her day and let your child know how proud you are. Continue to read to him or her daily, take time to just hold your child, and enjoy watching him or her grow and bloom.