Grantee Contract Manual

Nurse Family Partnership Resource Guide

Pre K Academy Materials
Registration Form-English
Registration Form-Spanish
This registration form was developed by Vacaville. It is currently in an excel format and may be modified to reflect your organization.

Consent Form-English
Consent Form-Spanish
The consent form is necessary for the KSEP evaluations to be included in the Pre-K report.  Each of you may choose to have an active consent process, ie: the parent signs and returns the form,  or a passive consent process,  the form is given to the parent,  and if it is not returned indicating that there is no consent,  passive consent is assigned.  I talk more about each of these at the KSEP training that all teachers will be attending. A
few academies are actually meeting one on one with their parents prior to the start of the academy, and will be including this information in the packet that they hand out.   Either way is okay but must be consistent for all students/parents.

Attendance Tracking
All sites are required to track attendance on a daily basis you may also use your own material.

Parent Sign In Sheet
Can be used at Parent Engagement Events

Photo Release
Photos can be a great way to share the results of your program, especially enrichment activities.  Pictures can be used on First 5 Solano’s website, or shown and shared at Commission meetings. In order to do so,  we must have a photo release from the parent.  The photo release may be included as part of the Registration process, however,  the Photo Release is entirely voluntary and is not required for a child’s attendance!

KSEP Documents
Will be available after the completion of KSEP Training.