•    Never do business with people who you've never met face-to-face;

•    Get a business card and keep it safe;

•    Avoid letting people into your house to do a real estate deal;

•    Do not go to coffee shops or restaurants to complete deals. In most cases, 
     legitimate companies have real offices;

•    Avoid doing business with strangers you meet on the internet or at coffee 
     shops, stores, or church who tells you they have a "great business deal"
     for you;

•    Check the names of individuals and companies on the internet to see if they
     have complaints against them -do your homework- research;

•    Do not give out your social security number and other personal identifying
     information until you have thoroughly checked on the individual or company
     you are doing business with;

•    NEVER pay for real estate deals with cash! Pay with a check so that your
     payments can be traced if needed;

•    Always remember: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

•    You are never required to pay money up front for a loan modification. Be
     suspicious of anyone who asks you to pay money before they perform all of
     their services for you;

•    Read all documents before you sign them.  Be suspicious of anyone who tells
     you to "just sign" the documents without reading them; and

•    Ask for and keep safe a copy of everything you sign.

•    Never be pressured or rushed into a real estate transaction. Take your time,
     and hire professionals to help you in your decision. This could be your
     greatest investment decision in your life, take your time to make an intelligent