•   Crooks / Scam artists operate profitably in the complex world of real estate
     sales and loans.  Criminals use false representations, fine print and obscure
     procedures to steal the equity from your home or to commit loan fraud. Theft
     by false representation is a crime! If you believe that you have been the victim
     of a real property crime, law enforcement wants to know.

•    If there is sufficient evidence to prove that a crime was committed, the Office
     of the District Attorney will investigate and prosecute the offender.  Provided
     below are a few of the more common types of crimes being perpetrated in
     Solano County: 

                    Loan Modification Scams

                    Forgery of Deeds

                    Mortgage Fraud

                    Financial Elder Abuse

                    Securities Fraud

                    Rent Skimming

                    Foreclosure Rescue Scams

                    Rental Fraud Scams

                    Straw Buyer Scams

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