Alternate Public Defender

The Alternate Public Defender provides high quality and caring legal representation to indigent persons charged with a crime that the Public Defender's Office is unable to represent (due to a conflict of interest or unavailability) in court proceedings in the Superior Courts.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Solano County is to serve the people and to provide a safe and healthy place to live, learn, work and play.  To contribute towards these objectives, it is the Mission of the Solano County Office of the Public Defender, Alternate Public Defender Division, to protect and defend the rights of our indigent clients through effective, vigorous, zealous, compassionate, ethical and creative legal advocacy.  The Office of the Alternate Public Defender, as guardians of liberty, ensures that the accused of today and tomorrow are given the fundamental protection of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the California Constitution.

In fulfilling this Mission we will: 

  • Each reflect the department's position that it is an honor to serve each and every client.
  • Quickly undertake productive representation of our clients.
  • Provide effective defense to all clients so that Constitutional rights are guaranteed.
  • Support our clients as diligent and conscientious advocates, maintaining the highest levels of professional integrity.
  • Maintain our County's vision, and core values of integrity, dignity, excellence, accountability and leadership.
  • Collaborate with other law and justice agencies to develop and implement legally appropriate and cost-effective alternative punishment and rehabilitation options.
  • Serve, honor and protect the Constitutional rights of the People of Solano County.