Alternate Public Defender

The Alternate Public Defender provides high quality and caring legal representation to indigent persons charged with a crime that the Public Defender's Office is unable to represent (due to a conflict of interest or unavailability) in court proceedings in the Superior Courts.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Solano County Public Defender is to defend the poor, the friendless, the abused, the down-trodden and the mentally ill with compassion, respect, creativity and determination. In doing this, we guard the rights of all people by defending the Constitution.”

Our Goals:

1. Treat each client with dignity
2. Fight for a fair legal system
3. Tenaciously litigate for our clients
4. Provide client-centered representation
5. Proactively seek new knowledge
6. Collaborate as a team
7. Strive for continued excellence

Core Values:

Culture of Excellence:
- We are hardworking, dedicated and committed
- We are a team for our clients
- We celebrate and promote diversity
- We pursue learning and innovation
- We are loyal advocates
- We strive for excellence

Tenacious Advocacy:
- The Constitution is not a technicality
- We are passionate and fearless in the face of power
- We are not afraid of a challenge
- We are innovative, dynamic and creative in our legal strategies
- We fight against an unfair system

Client-Centered Representation:
- We strive to achieve our clients’ objectives
- We listen to and we are responsive to our clients
- We respect and advocate for the dignity of each individual
- Our clients are not just a number
- We believe in our clients and we help them succeed