Erin Hannigan - Supervisor District 1

As the Supervisor for District 1, Erin brings her experience of balancing budgets, improving the quality of life and protecting the environment to the Board of Supervisors. Her love for Vallejo and all of Solano County comes from being a businesswoman, city councilmember and a mother.

Erin is a life-long resident of Solano County. She was raised in Fairfield where her passion for volunteer work was fostered. As newlyweds, Erin and her husband Randall made Vallejo their home and soon became an active member of the community, joining the Vallejo Architectural Heritage Neighborhood Association and fundraising for the St. Basil School Parents Club while her children Connor and Hannah attended the school. As a mother, Erin understands the importance of the health and well-being of families. She is seeking solutions to ensure those in need in our community are connected to essential services.

As a businesswoman, Erin understands the value of having good paying jobs in her community, and she is focused on growing the opportunities of local employment for residents. In 2004, Erin facilitated relocating the call center of a national insurance company and 220 jobs to the Vallejo Waterfront. She has served on the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Board. Through her involvement in the Vallejo Education and Business Alliance, Erin is focused on improving the graduation rates from Vallejo’s high schools. As a County Supervisor, Erin is continuing her work to retain our existing employers, attract new businesses and industry, and connect employers with job seekers who have the right skills for a vibrant economy.

Erin’s public service career began when she served on the Vallejo Community Development Commission, distributing Community Development Block Grant funds to neighborhoods and organizations in Vallejo. In 2007, Erin was elected to the Vallejo City Council and led Vallejo through extremely tough economic times. She supported a balanced approach to the budget deficit, striving to provide necessary services. She was influential in creating a citywide communication strategy, which gave the employees and the community transparency on the important information facing Vallejo’s leaders. Erin also worked to develop SolTrans, the consolidated bus system for Vallejo and Benicia, which has been a reliable and convenient mode of transportation since its inception.

Erin is proud of her work to improve the quality of life in Vallejo, including re-working commercial truck routes through the city, introducing the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance and supporting smoke-free city parks. She will also continue to champion the protection of our environment, including working with the cities to decrease, if not eliminate, the use of Single Use Plastic Bags and Styrofoam products for take-out food.

Erin serves on the following boards, commissions and committees:

• Association of Bay Area Governments

• California State Association of Counties

• Solano Transportation Authority

• City County Coordinating Council

• Solano County Water Agency

• Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District

• East Vallejo Fire Protection District
• Tri-City & County Cooperative Planning Group
• Solano County Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care
• Board of Supervisors Legislation Committee

• In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority

• Local Mental Health Advisory Board
• First Five Solano Commission
• Solano County Tripartite Advisory Board
• Solano360 Implementation Committee

• Solano Economic Development