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2014-15 Information

ABX1 26/AB 1484

RPTTF Distribution by Agency - ROPS 14-15B

RPTTF Distribution by Agency - ROPS 15-16A

Assessed Values

Assessed Values by Fund

Assessed Values by TRA

Redevelopment Agencies

Frozen Base Report

Special Assessments

Contact Listing

Submission Guidelines

Tax Apportionment - General

AB-8 Rates for Secured, Unsecured, & Supplemental

Tax Apportionment - Secured

Tax Apportionment - Supplemental

Tax Apportionment - Unsecured

Tax Apportionment - Unitary

Tax Rates

Tax Rates by Tax Rate Area (TRA)

Tax Sharing Ratio Table

TRA Fund Composition and Rates

Voter Debt Rate Calculation


VLF - Property Tax In-Lieu