June is Fire and Home Safety Month!

Almost half of all home fire victims are children under the age of 5.  Children are vulnerable and the most likely to be hurt in a fire.  You can do a few things to make your home as safe as possible.

Get a smoke alarm, test it each month and replace the battery at least once a year
Have a family emergency escape plan
Smoke, toxic gases and fumes, and heat from fire are more deadly than the flames
Show children how to crawl low on the floor, below the smoke, to get out of the house in the case of fire
Have a home fire extinguisher on each floor
Store all flammable and hazardous materials properly and out of reach of children
Keep all electrical appliances and items with electrical cords out of reach of children
Keep all exits clear and free of any clutter.
Tell your child not to play with matches or lighters. Tell them that if they find matches or lighters, to bring them to you.
Never leave a candle burning unless you are in the same room
Supervise young children closely. Do not leave them alone even for short periods of time.

Use these links for more information on how to keep your family safe!

Preventing Child Injuries http://www.cdc.gov/safechild//

Fire Safety for Kids http://www.sparky.org/

Fire Safety for Adults http://www.safekids.org/fire

Pre-K Academy Registration

First 5 Solano is sponsoring Pre-Kindergarten Academies in all cities in Solano County.  Academies are offered at no charge, however, Children must be starting Kindergarten in the Fall.  Priority is given to children with no or little, pre-school experience.  Pre-K Academy locations, and registration information are:




How to register


Benicia Unified School District


July 1-31

Call 707-747-8367

Robert Semple Elementary

Circle of Friends


July 1-25

Call 707-425-2717

Circle of Friends

River Delta Unified School District

Rio Vista

July 7-Aug 1


DH White School Office

DH White Elementary

Travis Unified School District

Travis AFB

July 21-Aug 14

Call TUSD at 707-437-8202

Center Elementary

Vallejo City Unified School District


July 7-Aug 1


Cooper Elementary

World Changers Academy



Call 707-365-5639

World Changers Academy

Vacaville Unified School District


July 7-Aug 1

Register at any elementary school office until June 12.  After that Register at the main office at 401 Nut Tree Road.

Alamo Elementary

Fairfield Suisun Unified School District


July 7-31

At any of the sites that are holding an academy

Anna Kyle

David Weir

Dan O Root




Cleo Gordon




Laurel Creek

Do Pre-K Academies really work? (Check out last years results)

Business Challenge Grants Now available
First 5 Solano is offering non-profits an opportunity to raise funds by establishing partnerships within the business community.  For more information click here.

Help Me Grow Solano "One Call. That's All"
Help Me Grow Solano is a collaborative partnership of all First 5 Solano funded programs and other community partners serving children and families from birth through age 5 in Solano County.  Help Me Grow Solano provides a central point of access for services, healthcare provider outreach, community outreach, data collection, and outcomes. It's often difficult and time consuming for parents to search for programs to address the unique needs of their children. Help Me Grow Solano is the simple solution that connects babies, young children, and their families to program and services throughout Solano County. Help Me Grow does not provide direct services, but their goal is to assist families in getting connected to the services that they need.